How to Use Webshake

Step 1. Shorten URLs with Handshake domains

Just input the URL you want to shorten, select a Handshake domain, and hit 'Shorten'.

Step 2. Setup Handshake domain resolver

To resolve Handshake domains, it is necessary to setup a DNS resolver of NextDNS. Please also see Namebase.

Step 3. Enjoy Webshake URLs!

When you access to a Webshake URL, you can see an original URL. Try accessing the following Webshake URLs, which you can also create yourself!

More Details

More details are also described in our Medium post. Please see the post.


If you have any questions, suggestions, and requests, please let us know via Google Form. We also welcome intersting propsals and ideas to improve the Handshake/Webshake communities!

Webshake Use Cases

#1. Convert URLs to the shortest links

Example: http://w.w/w, http://h.n/s, http://t.c/p, http://u.d/p

#2. Branding yourself with your name domain

Example: http://www.bob/blog, http://www.bob/sns, http://www.bob/cv

#3. Share your favorite artists'/creators' work

Example: http://video.maroon5/sugar, http://music.maroon5/SundayMorning

#4. Use an emoji domain

Example: http://go.🍜/myfavorite, http://tokyo.🍜/jiro

#5. Provide service with a business domain


#6. Increase readability of wallet addresses such as 3Box Ethereum Profile

Example. --> http://3box.wallet/kaito

#7. Your unlimited ideas

Smartphones have opened up a variety of use cases from just a small computer to Instagram, Snapchat, Uber, and more. In the same way, let's take advantage of Handshake, which allows everyone to freely acquire their favorite TLD domains, and create use cases that no one has ever imagined before.

Webshake User Account

When you sign up for a free account, you can manage your Webshake URLs and register your Handshake domains for Webshake if you have.

Features Non-Account Free
Shorten URLs with Webshake's public Handshake domain
Shorten URLs with public Handshake domain
Registration and publication of your Handshake domain
Shorten URLs with your private Handshake domain
Shorten URLs with arbitrary strings