Let's Webshake!

How to Use Webshake

Step 1. Shorten URLs with Handshake domains

Just input the URL you want to shorten, select a Handshake domain, and hit 'Shorten'.

Step 2. Setup Handshake domain resolver

To resolve Handshake domains, it is necessary to setup a DNS resolver of NextDNS. Please also see Namebase.

Step 3. Enjoy Webshake URLs!

When you access to a Webshake URL, you can see an original URL. Try accessing the following Webshake URLs, which you can also create yourself!

Advanced. You can use own your Handshake domain, and everyone can also use it!

When you sign up for a free account, you can register and publish your Handshake domains and your public Handshake domains can be used for every Webshake users 🎉